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Popular Destinations for Honeymoon

Sri LankA and Maldives are the perfect destinations for your wedding and honeymoon, Combination of the two destinations will give you the perfect honeymoon vacation, Sri Lanka enjoys the highest biodiversity in asia rich in flora and fauna, You can enjoy your vacations with many activities, trekking, biking, diving, rafting, Paramotoring and surfing and many ore while on your honeymoon vacation.

Private Villas(850 PLACES)


Did you know?

Sri Lanka is not only a mere beautiful and exotic tropical Island with superb vacations, It is also an exceptional special interest destination having much more to discover,

Best Yoga Destinatins

Yoga & Wellness

Yoga is mentioned in ayurvedic such as the day to day life system. And it is important for dissolving physical stress and calming the mind before meditation, and It is the ideal exercise. Enjoy a happy life time beauty and healthy,


Ayurveda is a healing medical system with historical roots in India and Sri Lanka. Ayurveda traditions are a type of alternative medicine and therapies are typically based on complex herbal compounds.

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Travel in style with our modern, Luxury transport fleet consisting many types of vehicles to compromise your budget and take you around the Island with safe and comfort

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